Gemma is the newest designer to join the Salt Team.

Graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Visual Communication from Design College Australia, Gemma holds a great enthusiasm for both print and digital design.

Gemma’s motivation to become a designer stems from her awareness that she has developed a talent that needs sharing with the world!

“It feels great when I spread my creativity around, or when I fill my eyes with beautiful design, or watch inspirational design videos!”

Her enthusiasm to be involved in the design industry, combined with her qualifications in Visual Communication and experience in customer service, make her a perfect fit at Salt!

Gemma is a creative individual who strives for perfection (don’t we all!) and enjoys communicating with people – teammates, clients and suppliers. She particularly enjoys developing strong, precise design. She has excellent customer service and administration skills, proven though day-to-day liaison with both clients and suppliers.

Gemma’s previous experience includes an intern position as a Web Designer, where she was encouraged to further develop her design and problem-solving skills, working to strict deadlines in collaboration with a senior designer.

This creative focus pared with her ten years experience in customer service works as a perfect combination for her position at Salt.

Tasty morsels about Gemma . . .

  • I seek adventure in everything; whether it is in my own city, a foreign land or a forested wildness. I aim to feel where I am and endeavour to always know where the hip and it places are to go.
  • Eat, exercise, sleep, love and repeat. I spend a lot of my spare time cooking food that makes me feel good, exercising my tush off and investigating the self-love path in life.
  • Loves and believes in everything Zoë Foster-Blake writes and suggests
  • Life wouldn’t be complete without Gilmore Girls to call on at any moment (thanks Netflix!)


Favourite colour: powder blue
Favourite food: Southeast Asian food
Favourite sport: cricket… only to watch.
Favourite escape: a peaceful beach
Cat or dog person: both but only when they are mini

salt-shaker-signoffBecause everything tastes better with a sprinkle of salt!


Gemma moodboard

David Rollyn llustration // Oprah quote // Jasmine Dowling ps. quote // sometimes quote // tile pattern // gemma obrien love quote // flower pattern