In what we perceive to be yet another response to our over-digitalised lives a new trend has recently emerged… Adult colouring-in!

And before you jump to any misguided assumptions – this trend is for grown-ups to use pencils and crayons to colour-in highly detailed line drawings, as a form of mindfulness and relaxation.

Of course, we creative and curious Salty peeps were quick to jump onto this new-found craze. So last night we attended a gathering at Scrumptious Reads coordinated by Yelp. And it was a wonderfully enjoyable evening.

Held in a boutique bookshop in James Street, surrounded by culinary publications and shelves of beautiful printed books we were invited to select a drawing. We then simply began colouring-in using supplied pencils.

Two hours quickly disappeared quaffing wine and noshing a delightful curry provided by the Ugly Food company – very grown-up!

We were also chaperoned through the experience by a delightful local botanical illustrator who provided an insight into techniques and styles of pencil illustrations.

A delightful evening to take a pause from the computer screen and appreciate some colourful ‘me’ time!

salt-shaker-signoffBecause everything tastes better with a sprinkle of salt!